Multipurpose cool coats

Coats come in sizes to fit all from under 20" (under 51cm) to 38" (96cm) These cool coats are superb for those hot summer days. Simply dip the coat into cool water and wring out. they keep the dogs coat dry while keeping the dog cool. they can also be used to dry off a dog if they have had a bath or came home from a wet walk. They do not dry stiff as long as they are dried properly. They are also fully machine washable. For more info or to order please contact us via email or telephone.

Price : £19.00 - £41.00

Sun Reflective Sheets Size 1

(152cm x 152cm) ( 60"x60" ) A wonderful product designed to keep cars and pets cool, excellent for covering crates. Fully waterproof and heat reflective Base colour silver with various coloured edging. ````

Price : £30.00

Sun Reflective Sheet Size 2

(152cm x 228cm) (60"x90") Reversible sun reflective / waterproof sheet, ideal for dog shows or holidays.

Price : £35.00

Arm Bands

Suitable for exhibiting dogs, horses, sheep and cattle. Various coloured edging available.

Price : £6.50

Waterproof Clothes Carrier

Available in various colours these are of a good length, fully waterproof and hard wearing. Why not have your kennel name or your initials or even your breed of dog embroidered on to it.

Price : Standard length £25.00 Full length £30.00

Waterproof Apron

These are ideal for grooming, bathing or general use. Available in several colours with patterned edging.

Price : Large size £15.00 Extra large £18.00