Sun Reflective Sheets Size 1

(152cm x 152cm) ( 60"x60" ) A wonderful product designed to keep cars and pets cool, excellent for covering crates. Fully waterproof and heat reflective Base colour silver with various coloured edging. ````

Price : £28.00

Sun Reflective Sheet Size 2

(152cm x 228cm) (60"x90") Reversible sun reflective / waterproof sheet, ideal for dog shows or holidays.

Price : £33.00

Arm Bands

Suitable for exhibiting dogs, horses, sheep and cattle. Various coloured edging available.

Price : £6.50

Waterproof Clothes Carrier

Available in various colours these are of a good length, fully waterproof and hard wearing. Why not have your kennel name or your initials or even your breed of dog embroidered on to it.

Price : Standard length £20.00 Full length £23.00

Waterproof Apron

These are ideal for grooming, bathing or general use. Available in several colours with patterned edging.

Price : Large size £12.00 Extra large £15.00