Korean Jindo

The Korean Jindo


Koreas most famous dog, the Jindo, is named after Jindo island which is off the Southwest coast of the Korean peninsula. It is a breed with a bold and daring character and with wonderful hunting skills. It is best known for being totally loyal to its owner. It also has exceptional homing instincts. There are numerous tales of Jindos that were lost travelling for hundreds of miles to return home. There are many theories of the origin of the breed, however, the one that is most substantiated is that the Jindo is indigenous to the Korean Peninsula, proved by the remains of dogs in shell mounds from the Palaeolithic era. The Jindo is a medium-sized dog with bright eyes, erect ears and rolled or sickle-shaped tail with an acute hearing and scenting ability. The Jindo has great agility, strength , alertness and dignity. The head forms a blunt triangle when viewed from above and is of medium size in proportion to the body. The Jindo is a lean yet muscular dog and carries itself proudly. The breed keeps itself clean and is extremely easy to house train. Most common colours are white, black and tan, fawn and wolf grey. Male heights range from 50-55cm, weighing 18-23kg and female heights range from 40-50cm, weighing 15-19kg.

Korean Jindo, Overhill Kennels

In 1962, the Korean government designated the Jindo dog as a National Treasure (Number 53), the highest honour given to precious cultural artefact, animals or persons; and passed the “Jindo Preservation Ordinance”. A Jindo institute was created to actively preserve the breed. The Jindo Institute evaluates puppies at 6 months old and if the puppy is deemed to meet the breed standard and sound , it is micro chipped. Only micro chipped Jindos are allowed to remain on the island unless they are neutered. Chipped Jindos cannot leave the island to ensure preservation of the breed from the best stock. As of 2002 there were 14,000 micro chipped Jindos on the island and all are under the auspices of the government.

As a National Treasure, the Jindo is revered highly in Korea, however, to the international community, the breed is not well known. The Jindo is registered with the FCI (provisionally accepted), however aside from the few that were brought into the UK by their owners, Crufts 2003 was the first time a Jindo was officially seen at any dog show outside Korea. Assisted by Samsung, Jindo Island local government has sent six micro chipped Jindo dogs to Overhill Kennels in an effort to get the breed recognized by the Kennel Club.

          Korean Jindo, Overhill Kennels



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